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Welcome to Dad’s Homeschool Blog.  Yes, Dad’s Homeschool Blog and that does in fact mean that I, Dad will be the home schooling parent.  I have been the stay at home Dad since the boys, now 7 and 8 were born.  So how did I come to be the stay at home Dad and now the homeschool parent?

Well, this is our story.

We recognize that our home is far different from the traditional christian home so please hang with me as I share our story and how God has blessed us.

I am a retired Army Sergeant and my wife is a very successful financial analyst.  While I do receive a small retirement check, it isn’t the kind of money that goes very far so we decided early in our marriage that since my wife’s income potential was an order of magnitude greater than mine, she would work and I would take on the roll of domestic engineer.  Yes I do know which one is the washer and which one is the dryer.

My wife and I decided several weeks ago that for a variety of reasons we would home school our two boys starting the next school year.  The  boys will going into the 2nd and 4th grades and are currently enrolled at a local christian school.  The school has been excellent in every way and we could not be happier with the teachers and staff.  So then, why are we homeschooling next year?

Share my story.

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