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In my last post I reviewed “When I grow up I want to be A FIREFIGHTER” from The Old Schoolhouse Store. In this post I will tell you about our trip to Australia via Download and Go “Expedition Australia” also from The Old Schoolhouse Store.

As I said in the first post, the first thing I did after downloading them was to print them out on inexpensive inkjet paper except the first and last pages which I printed on stiff glossy photo paper. These pages became the front and back covers. We then took a trip to KINKO’s and had them each spiral bound for about $4 per book. That might be more effort than you wish to go through but it works for me. I get a well-bound book that won’t fall apart in the hands of two young boys and it is rugged enough to travel which is important as we have spent a lot of time on the road since my father became ill.

After I reread my last review I realized that I should have said more about how well these unit studies prepare you, the parent to lead the study. These unit studies are week-long studies and the subjects are laid out for five days. There is a page of resources for each day that includes material for grades K – 4. (Note: other unit studies from The Old Schoolhouse Store cover other grade ranges. The “When I grow up I want to be A FIREFIGHTER” would be suitable through middle school with very little supplementation.) Reading the material a week ahead and making a trip to the library with references in hand, will help you to be better prepared when the questions cover material with which you are not familiar and is not covered in the unit study. There are other references through the unit study including internet references.

The unit study includes math, vocabulary, geography, biology, art and history, all integrated so that it flows quickly and easily. The unit study also includes a section of Family Fun activities that include links to information recipes for Australian foods and how to make and fly boomerangs, art projects and games.

There is enough information in this unit study to keep your child actively engaged and learning for most of a weeks worth of school days.

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