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Today’s post will be short as I have not had much time to be trolling the internet. I have been deeply absorbed in the book “Teaching the Trivium” by Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn. I will be posting a review of the book at a later date. I am not yet half way through the book and already it has changed the way I will approach homeschooling when we start later this hear. It hasn’t changed my goals or philosophy about homeschooling so much as it has given me the tools to do accomplish what I already felt I needed to do. I will write more about this in the book review. Stay tuned.

Today I have two websites that are packed with educational tools, links and materials. Then I have two sites that are more fun stuff but yet still have use to homeschoolers. So let’s get started.

The Best on the Web for Teachers   This web site offers 1000s of pages and links to 1000s of other sites containing, lesson plans, worksheets, teaching ideas, themes, workbooks, tutorial, sheet makers and printables. I spent an hour on the site and decided that instead of trying to bookmark a few selections that I liked, I’d make it one my first stops when I am looking for supplemental material for the curriculum I am using.

Sites for Teachers offers the same type of information and I am sure that there will be some duplication as both of these sites act as collecting points for a vast array of tools. This site is not as well laid out and it is smaller in total content but for that reason it may be easier to find some of the more common materials you need.

Clipart ETC   I like this clip art site because I like this style better than many of the other clipart sites. It is in black and white, line drawings with a bit of a “wood cut” feel to them. They have an old school look and feel to them and yes, it kinda fits with my classical style. These will make good enhancements to workbooks and lapbook pages.

If you have favorite clip art sites that you use in your homeschooling, please let me know. I’d like to do a post on just clipart sites some time in the future.

Our final site today will have a narrower audience but if you use a GPS for hiking, traveling or exploring in the course of your homeschooling activities, then you MUST check out this site. Everytrail is a place to upload the tracks from your GPS and the photos you took to create a travelogue of your hike, trip or wanderings. You can then create links to your own blog or website and share the trip including maps, photos and your comments. Photos can be geotagged so you can not only share what you saw but where you saw it as well. Geotagged you ask? Yes, the GPS not only keeps a log of your route but it also keeps a detailed date/time log as well. That digital camera that you use, keeps date/time information for each photo you take. Match the date/time log from the GPS and the date/time stamp on a photo and viola! you have a geotagged photo. You can get standalone software to accomplish this task but in this case Everytrail does it for you. All you have to do is upload the GPS track and the images then let the web site link the photos to the GPS log via the common date/times. Your friends can see your pictures and see the exact location where they were taken. Neat!!

So grab your GPS and your camera and record that next science walk-about. Post it to Everytrail and share it with all of your homeschooling friends!

Now share this whole post too!

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