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I guess the question could be asked … “What schedule?” I cannot imagine trying to handle the family issues surrounding my father’s illness with my kids in a conventional school. It would certainly be possible but a lot more difficult. It is a bit over an hour south to the location of my father’s care facility. Last week he got so dehydrated, he had to be hospitalized. This was the second time in two weeks. He also has fallen out of bed because he wants to get up but does not have the strength. I sat with him in the ER for many hours last week, and the kids were real champs. They spent that whole time waiting patiently while I held his hand and kept him from pulling the IVs and various sensors.

As a result we are a bit behind as far as the schedule I had set for us but the eldest son is just one lesson from completing two years of math and the younger is halfway through his second year of math so I am not too disappointed with our progress. Still I am behind on some commitments I have made and for that I am sorry. I will get through some curriculum I promised to test and post reviews as soon as I can. We are making our way through the material and the kids are loving it but for obvious reasons, our pace is inconsistent at best.

On another note, we had the grand opening for our new church campus this weekend. Matthew West was there along with many other of our long time friends who had walked and prayed with us through this incredible journey. The existence of Eastridge Church’s new campus is the result of GOD working so many miracles and the faithful, sacrificial support of countless families. I will post some links to the news reports and other videos and pictures later tonight.

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Dear GOD

Dear GOD, please help my father and mother through these difficult times. Give Mom strength, patience and understanding but above all please give her your perfect peace. LORD, please help Dad to understand more and to not be so demanding and strong headed. I pray that he will understand what Mom has to do to help and care for him and that he will give her grace when it doesn’t go the way he wants it to. Help them both find comfort in their new home and wash them both with your peace and grace. AMEN

Today I moved my 82 year old father and 80 year old mother from my brothers house, 165 miles to an assisted living facility that while no closer to me is much closer to all of the grand kids and great grand kids. Dad was diagnosed with Parkinsons over 10 years ago and it has taken it’s toll on both him and Mom. The medications have increased his physical quality of life over the years but they too have taken a mental/cognitive toll. Together, the disease and some of the side effects of the medications have greatly reduced his cognitive abilities. He is able to get around with a walker but needs help getting into and out of a chair or bed or anything in the bathroom. He is becoming increasingly combatitive toward Mom when things don’t happen how and when he wants.

They will have been married 60 years this November and Mom gives every ounce of her strength to care for him as he gave his all to provide for her for so many decades. As the disease has progressed, Dad, once the most patient and even tempered man you could have ever known, has grown increasingly demanding and intolerant of even the littlest things that are not as he wishes. This change in behavior has tasked Mom to her limit.

In the summer of 2004, we moved Mom and Dad from their home in Sequim, to a cottage on our property outside of Issaquah. Even then he had a difficult time making the adjustment and it was a 4 weeks before he stopped asking when he was going to be allowed to go home. In 2007 we moved them into my brothers home in Ellensburg because Mom needed more help and my sister in law has many years of experience in long term care. That move was even more taxing than the first and it was many weeks before he finally settled into his new home. Now Dad requires more that Mom can give alone and this weekend we moved them into an assisted living facility.

This was the longest ride that Dad has taken in over 10 years. They are both exhausted. Thankfully I have an extended family that has stepped up to the task. My daughters were waiting at the new place to help unpack, make beds and do everything they could to make Dad comfortable and to help Mom get “back to normal” as quickly as possible.

Dad has served GOD sacrificially for over 50 years. He was a prayer warrior and a humble servant to anyone who called upon him for help. He was truly a man after GOD’s own heart. Now, while his physical body is recognizable, the rest of him is not. I am not angry with GOD but my heart and mind scream to heaven … why?!? I understand we live in a sinful world and that sickness, pain and suffering are a result of the fall of man. I understand that our reward is not on this earth but that we will surely receive it when we are with HIM in heaven. Yet I still cannot bring myself to accept that Mom has to suffer these things?!? Dad, though he is weak and often frustrated with his lack of mobility, for the most part is either content or unaware of what is happening to him. Mom now bears the burden fully and does so with the faithfulness of a saint.

Dear GOD, please give Mom strength and patience and more than anything, please give her your perfect peace and grace! I know that the heart that you gave Dad to serve and sacrifice is still there. Please, please heal what ever is wrong in his mind that robs him of who you made him to be. I am not asking you to make him strong or asking you to give him years. I am asking, no I AM PLEADING with you oh GOD to let the heart that served you so faithfully for all those years, bless Mom and give her peace and grace! Let these last years, months or days be filled with sweet memories and without the pain. PLEASE GOD PLEASE?!?

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Summer is over! … But then I suspect you knew that already.

We started homeschooling this week and now the flu has swept in, slowing things down some. At least no one will be behind “the rest of the class” when we get started again.

I spent the better part of the summer researching curriculum and finally settled on a mix of curriculum sources. We are using:

Stick Figuring Through the New Testament
Phonics Road
Artistic Pursuits
and material from the folks at Critical Thinking.

Our science materials are due in any day. We went with Academy of Science for Kids.

KONOS is a unit study format and the other subjects such as literature, history, science and social studies are covered therein. Some of the other subjects like science are also included in the KONOS but I am a bit of a geek/nerd so I really wanted the science kits to play with …. er I mean to use as a teaching aid. Yeah that’s it!

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Welcome to Dad’s Homeschool Blog.  Yes, Dad’s Homeschool Blog and that does in fact mean that I, Dad will be the home schooling parent.  I have been the stay at home Dad since the boys, now 7 and 8 were born.  So how did I come to be the stay at home Dad and now the homeschool parent?

Well, this is our story.

We recognize that our home is far different from the traditional christian home so please hang with me as I share our story and how God has blessed us.

I am a retired Army Sergeant and my wife is a very successful financial analyst.  While I do receive a small retirement check, it isn’t the kind of money that goes very far so we decided early in our marriage that since my wife’s income potential was an order of magnitude greater than mine, she would work and I would take on the roll of domestic engineer.  Yes I do know which one is the washer and which one is the dryer.

My wife and I decided several weeks ago that for a variety of reasons we would home school our two boys starting the next school year.  The  boys will going into the 2nd and 4th grades and are currently enrolled at a local christian school.  The school has been excellent in every way and we could not be happier with the teachers and staff.  So then, why are we homeschooling next year?

Share my story.

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