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This weekend was the ribbon cutting and grand opening of the Eastridge Church Campus on the south end of the Sammamish Plateau.

News Report

Overflow crowd at the free Matthew West Concert.

Sunday Morning Service

Senior Pastor Steve Jamison and family cutting the ribbon.

First worship service.

GOD’s love is shown so powerfully through the lives of our pastors and their families. These are people who live to the fullest what they preach and teach. They are touching lives around the world in service to a great and glorious GOD.

Follow Eastridge Church on Facebook and rejoice with us as the Gospel of Jesus Christ is shared “From the I-90 Corridor to the Ends of the Earth.” Be sure and scroll down to see an aerial image as well as images of Adventure Land and the tub slides the children use to access Kids Zone.

If you live close by and do not have a church home, please drop by and worship with us. You will feel at home.

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The kids and I have been tossing some crud bug back and forth for several weeks now. Putz the younger had strep last week and now is sick again. We are trying some allergy treatment on him this time to see if that helps as the last time we gave him regular cold medicine, it had no effect.

The weather has been unseasonably warm so we went on a hike on Monday. We identified several varieties of evergreens and the kids had fun looking for quartz in the stream beds along the hike. Putz the younger started sneezing and coughing almost continually about 20 minutes into the hike. Another reason why I think he has allergies.

They have both taken to the new curriculum very well. They like the increased independence and the ability to work at their own pace. Next week we will start on the two evaluation studies mentioned in the last post. I want every one reasonably healthy so their impressions and how they receive it isn’t tainted by their feeling sick.

In addition to being sick with a cold I have been feeling more than a bit tired for some time now so tomorrow I begin a “sleep study.” I get to sleep like a lap rat, all hooked up to wires and monitored by video. I am not sure how well I will sleep but I and my boys need me back in top form again so I will do my best. I am tired to feeling like I could fall asleep at any moment all the time. I want that spark and drive back!

Our church is less than three weeks to moving into out new I-90 Ministry Center! This has been a decade long journey where GOD has shown his hand in so many ways. GOD has even used the construction to introduce this church to more of the community. The slow economy has meant that when ever there is a code inspection, we get not one but several inspectors to walk through the building. In one case the fire department used the inspection as a class to teach a larger group of fire code inspectors. In all these cases, as they walked with our building and construction coordinators, they got a chance to hear the gospel and how GOD has blessed this project from start to finish. They can see that we are not just building a church but a place for the community to gather and be cared for and ministered to.

Here is the latest TV spot we are running on our local cable networks. If you are in the area, please drop by and share this time with us!

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Update on Freemind

I was just visiting the Freemind website and Freemind has made into the top 12 of “Best Project for Educators” category.  I don’t know who the deciding body is but if you read my earlier post you know that I love the program and I agree whole heartily that it is a great program.

They also have a “release candidate” for the latest upgrade that is loaded with new features.  A “release candidate” is one step above Beta testing and is a broader distribution that is offered for final testing.  If you choose to use a release candidate of any software, be sure to understand the limitations and know bugs before converting your existing data to the release candidate version.  If you like to have a part in the development of great software, using and reporting problems during Beta testing and the testing of a release candidate is an excellent way to get involved.  It is not without risk but the more testers there are, the more robust and feature rich a program is when it is finally released.

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Miracles Abound!

On another note, I’d like to take a few lines to share how God has shown his miraculous power at my church, Eastridge Christian Assembly.

We are in the middle of a large building project that includes a sanctuary that will seat just a few short of 1500.  The building will be community oriented with a large atrium, kids area the includes a “splash mountain” style motif, and a long list of other amenities that will make it a great family oriented place for our congregation and the community.  I will try and keep this as short as possible but bear with me as this is quite a “hallelujah list.”

We started our building fund long before we even had a piece of property so for those who have been down this road, you know we started off doing it differently from the very start.  All of the property that had been considered was determined to be unsuitable for one reason or another.  After about two years of adding to the building fund we were no farther along in acquiring any property than we were on day one.  Pastor Steve preached a sermon about God’s feeding the Israelites mana in the desert.  God could have given them, quail, doves, or any other food with which they were already familiar.  He gave them mana so that they could never explain it in any other way but to acknowledge that it was a miracle of God.  The next day, one of our members (who had not heard that Sunday’s sermon) called the Pastor and said that he had a friend who was in some financial difficulty and he had 19 acres that he needed to sell as soon as possible.  The property was two blocks from our current location and our land use lawyer said that in twenty years of looking for property for churches, it is was the best piece of property he had seen.  It was priced way below market and because our building fund already had two years accumulation, we were ready to buy.  The way the property came to us and the timing was just like mana in the desert.  God’s timing is perfect.

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