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I recently decided to try a few unit studies to see how my kids took to the concept and how well they understood the various core subjects when presented within the context of a unit study.

First a little background for those who have not dropped by before this visit. This is my first year homeschooling my two boys, ages 8 and 9. They are in the 2nd and 4th grades and the oldest is highly energetic. He needs the subjects to be interesting to hold his attention. The youngest, like most 8 years olds, would rather be outside digging or destroying something. We are currently using the ACE Curriculum after a mid year change. The boys have take to it very well and like the independence it gives them.

The unit studies gave us more opportunity to work as a group and for everyone to contribute. We started with “When I grow up I want to be A FIREFIGHTER” and then did “Expedition Australia” from the “Download N GO” series. Both unit studies are from The Old Schoolhouse Store.

The first thing I did after downloading them was to print them out on inexpensive inkjet paper excepting the first and last pages which I printed on stiff glossy photo paper. These pages became the front and back covers. We then took a trip to KINKO’s and had them each spiral bound for about $4 per book. That might be more effort than you wish to go through but it works for me. I get a well bound book that won’t fall apart in the hands of two young boys and it is rugged enough to travel which is important as we have been spending a lot of time on the road since my father became ill.

“When I grow up I want to be A FIREFIGHTER” was by far the more popular of the two. The kids already knew a lot about firefighters and how they live as they had been on several field trips to the fire station over the years. This unit study talked a bit about the regular things that kids learned on these field trips but moved quickly to subjects not generally covered in these more common field trips.

The portion on building codes triggered some very lively discussions as there had been a large fire on the news a few days earlier and this kids had asked why that building burned so quickly while others seemed to have only minor damage. We were able to discuss what building materials are flammable which are not which lead to a discussion on how our house is constructed.

The section of salaries lead to the discussion of cost of living when they asked why salaries for fire fighters in LA were more than twice that of salaries in Charleston SC. This section also listed the salaries of the various positions in the command structure. This was a good teaching point for understanding why they needed to study hard and do their best to excel. Only the best can be fire fighters and only the best of the best can be Chiefs and Captains.

The unit study includes math, vocabulary, art and history, all integrated so that it flows quickly and easily. This was one of the few studies/subjects that the boys begged me to “go further” each day until we were down. Undoubtedly part of the enthusiasm was due to the subject matter but it was facilitated by the excellent way the material was integrated and presented.

I have already purchased about 5 additional unit studies which we will use in addition to our regular curriculum through out the rest of this school year. I will let you know how they go but for now, if you have a child with even the slightest interest in firefighting “When I grow up I want to be A FIREFIGHTER” will be well received and you will both enjoy the study very much.

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