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OK, so I was Stumbling again.  Yes I know, it COULD be a problem but I think I can control it.

Today’s Stumbling gem is a Flash Card website called Flash Card Exchange.   This site has over 18 million flash cards in every category that you can imagine.  The site uses a Tag Cloud search format which makes it fairly easy to find cards in the subject of choice.   You can print the flash cards and there is even an applet that assists you in creating your own.   I am guessing that with 18 + million already on the website, you will probably find what you need.

If you are not familiar with tag clouds, you will be seeing more of them so here is an explanation.  A tag cloud is nothing more than a “cloud” or cluster of key words that are assigned to the items on a website.   The “items” may be articles, images or in this instance, flash cards.  What makes the tag cloud format unique is that the words in the tag cloud are sized according to the number of items to which the tag refers.  In other words, the larger and bolder the word relative to the other words in the “cloud”, the more items that tag refers to on the website.

Go Stumble!

Surely someone else you know needs flashcards. Right?

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