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A short post today.  The week has been busy but nothing significant to talk about so I thought I would ask a question.

If you could do your first year over again, what would you do differently?  What advice would you give a new homeschooling family to make their first year a success?

I am asking this abviously for my own edification but also because I know that a lot of people who have kids in private schools are considering home schooling.  The current economic conditions are such that an increasing number of parents are opting for home school over private school.  The decreased tax income will cause cities and municipalities to cut back on public school programs which will result in increased class sizes and a plethora of other changes that will cause even more parents to opt for home schooling.  I expect that we will see the largest increase in home schooling families either this year of the next.

So please, help us with all your best piece of advice.

Thanks from all the first year home schoolers!

Speaking of the current economic crisis, I’d like to recommend and excellent blog on the subject.  (See Storehouse Partners Blog under Favorfite Links to the right)   I know the outlook is gloomy but the writer is both pithy and humorous and you will have more than a few “Aha!” moments as you read her take on the matter.   She avoids most of the jargon and gives it to her readers in an easy to read and understandable manner.  She predicted this economic crisis 5 years ago.  The August 8th entry explains how we got into this mess in a way that anyone who reads it will understand.  If you have to read anything about the financial mess we are in, at least read something that will make you chuckle and smile a bit amidst the fear and uncertainty.  Yes I am a bit partial … the writer is my lovely wife but if you take the time to stop by I know you will become a fan.



Please pass it along. I could use the advice.

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