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Well another two months have gone and is it seems like it was just yesterday that I posted here. The spring has passed way to quickly and summer is almost here, at least officially. If you don’t live in the NW, then you probably don’t know that this has been the coldest wettest spring in decades if not ever. So far we have set many new records for monthly rainfall but the worst is that we have yet to have had a 75 degree or better day. That is right, it has not yet risen above 75 degrees in Seattle since last October. We are usually well into the 70s by this time of the year but I just glanced at the 10 day forecast and it doesn’t look like we will get to 70 for the rest of the month. Here’s hoping they are WRONG!

I have made about 2 trips a week to see my mom and help her navigate the Federal State and local bureaucracies to get her and my dad the VA benefits and Medicaid that they need and to which they are entitled. By the time we go to Mom’s, then to the nursing home to see my father stopping at various places for doctors visits, places for mom to shop or do paperwork and then backtrack do drop of mom and come home, it is about a 200 mile, 6+ hour day. It pretty much kills the day for anything else. The kids still get some school work done but they have already competed more than a years worth of work so they are far enough ahead that my main reason for keeping them doing school work is so that they will not forget what they have learned and get disconnected. We will continue with school on a reduced schedule for the summer so they are ready to go in the fall. I am a believer in a year round school with more week long breaks instead of one long summer break.

I have signed up to be a teaching/educational/curriculum materials reviewer TOS (The Old Schoolhouse). I will be posting my comments here on the blog as the various materials come my way. Please check in here, friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. If you friend me on Facebook, please be sure to let me know that you are either a reader of my blog or a fellow homeschooler as I try to keep my social accounts manageable.

I am going to the state curriculum fair in Puyallup WA on Friday. I plan on dropping my children of at my oldest daughters house so I will be able to browse at my leisure. That is one thing nice about having older married children nearby. My grandchildren are only slightly younger than my youngest children so they play well together. I will share any neat finds early next week.

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We don’t get but 4 or 5 days of temperatures in the 90s each year. This year we not only had about 15 but we also had 4 that were in the 100s. One day even hit 108. Add in about 40% humidity and you have some pretty miserable weather. (For those of you not familiar with the Puget Sound, we live about 25 miles east of Seattle in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. The temperatures are generally about 10 degrees warmer on sunny days and 10 degrees cooler on clear nights. If it is windy and rainy, the temperatures stay pretty uniform around the area due to the winds mixing of the atmosphere.) I generally don’t mind the heat having spend many weeks in the Army training in full combat gear when the temps were near 120. You get used to it and though it isn’t fun, it is tolerable. Well the opposite is true when you get used to the mild weather of the Pacific Northwest. You become much less tolerant of temperature extremes and they become down right miserable. Well today was one of those days. Yes 95 was MISERABLE! Try it with the flu, a fever and no air conditioning and see if you don’t agree. On second though … pass! It wasn’t any fun.

I did get the weather station back up and running again. I will get a web feed from the weather station and post a link in the blog sometime next week. Yeah I’m a geek but you should have seen Putz the Younger’s eyes light up when he saw the information from the base unit appear on the screen of the computer. He tried to hide his delight but his eyes told it all. Now he keeps sneaking back into the room to watch the graph change as the temperature changes. He is learning graphs and he doesn’ even know it!

There was no homeschool today. As I said before, I have the flu and Putz the Younger though feeling better was still running a fever and neither of us were in any mood to try school work. Putz the Elder even ran a fever for part of the day. When he doesn’t even care if the TV is turned on or not I know he is sick.

Now for some rest!

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